Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Extraction, Part I

We were lucky enough to have a couple supers of fall honey on top of our one overwintered hive in Hazelwood. We feel very lucky as several of our beekeepers have noted a low fall flow this season. These gals have really been packing it in.

In an urban area we are apt to use Bee Quick to clear the supers. Our students sprayed it onto the fume cover, and in the hot sun, the bees moved down into their hive bodies.

Then, the frames are easily moved without bees into a screened super to be transported to the kitchen for extraction.


  1. Looks like everyone was having fun there, make sure to let us know how it goes this year.

  2. Ive been trying to reach your organization for several weeks now. Your site will not even come up on google as of 2/8/11. Can someone please contact me about our upcoming festival? Christine
    (412) 596-6521