Sunday, September 20, 2009

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We've been very busy this summer and have fallen behind in our blogging duties. But, I hope that doesn't mean that you haven't been following our presence at all the events around town. Check out the events page on our website to see all the things we've been up to in the past months. We just had our ninth class which involved a honey extraction from our hives in Hazelwood (a blog entry to soon follow). Going forward, we hope to be more diligent in posting to the blog with pictures from our classes and events.

At this point in the season, we are checking on our hives to make sure they are healthy heading into winter. To do this, we've reduced their entrances and installed mouse guards.
We've also started feeding sugar water in hive top feeders to help build up stores for the winter. Many beekeepers have had a very light fall honey flow. Additionally, we've treated for mites throughout the season with powdered sugar and apiguard. The frames are marked with an X to ensure that we do not harvest honey stored during the treatment.
To help accomplish these tasks, several of our class members have volunteered as stewards to watch the hives as the move into winter.

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