Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feral hive extraction in Braddock Friday 17

We'll be removing a feral colony from a derelict building on the corner of 8th and Talbot in Braddock starting at 10AM this Friday the 17th. The colony looks pretty healthy, and since the structure is slated for demolition, it's time for them to move! We plan to cut the brood comb to fit deep hive body frames, secure them in empty frames with gum bands, and divide them up into "nucs" so we can requeen them with queens from Hawaii (due to arrive by post today!). All these new minicolonies will go out to the SteffesWood apiary in Aliquippa, so Robert can closely supervise queen acceptance and build them up. As the new queens start laying, we'll use the new colonies for Burgh Bee apiaries in town, as well as have a few (hopefully) for individuals taking the course.
If you want to check the job in Braddock out, feel free to come down! We'll have extra veils and gloves.

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